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"My business has exploded. My website and all the marketing campaigns recommended by PJ, Melissa, Bob and the rest of the RedTie team has worked better than they promised. You have to be crazy not to do what these guys recommend. They put their money where their mouth is. There is NO ONE better at Marketing than RedTie Marketing. No One. If you want to make money I strongly recommend that you work with the best in the business."
--Dan Volonino CEO DVee Inc.



"My family and I love what RedTie Marketing has done for us. Their direct mail, radio ads, print ads and website has improve our business by 400% . In today's economy, I would have been happy with 10% more business. RedTie Marketing is the real deal."
--Steven Salvaggio, President SandStone NY


"RedTie Marketing has a clear, concise and thorough relationship with us. We have been constantly updated with information regarding our campaign and have been extremely impressed with their service. I recommend RedTie Marketing to anyone looking for a thoroughly professional Marketing company"
--Richard McDonald

"In the ever competitive market of wellness, search engine optimisation has become one of the front line tools in developing and sustaining competitive advantage. RedTie Marketing has guided PARWEL through this complex and dynamic terrain always offering expert advice, proactive service and a great return on investment."