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Branding to us is "delivering on a promise". That promise is based on your marketing strategy, and your brand is defined by how well you fulfill it. In other words, we bridge the gap between what the brand promises and what it delivers - to every audience (including internally), and at every touch-point.

Are your brands always relevant, believable, and defendable?

Are your Services or Products REMARKABLE?

Why should a customer choose your product or service over your competition's?

We answer the question that turns your brand into revenue.


Relevant.   (We help you make your Brand Relevant in your market place)

Results.   (We help you achieve results by improving your conversion rate)

Revenues.   (We help you turn your visitors in to money making clients)

RedTie.   (We are RedTie and we deliver results by helping you be relevant)

Services Include:

Brand Research Brand Creation
Internal Assessment Corporate Positioning
Customer / Market Audits Brand Reconciliation
Competitive Mapping Creative Development
Brand Equity / Valuation Long-Term Planning
Partnerships / Affiliate Validation Brand Guidelines / Franchise Opportunities


RedTie Brand Marketing